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2010 TeaTong “Bulang Gu Shu” Raw Pu-erh


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I found those leafs in a pressing plant in Menghai when I was pressing our 2019 Naka Gu Shu. It is semi- aged old tree leafs from Bulang. After tasting it I managed to talk the producer into selling me 2 kilos and we pressed the leafs using the same Neifei (inner label) as we used on The 2019 Naka tea.

This tea has a deep and comforting taste/feeling/sensation of elegant wood that lulls you into a active state of tranquility. It is simply amazing and we hope you don’t buy it so that we can watch it age and enjoy it over the years. But since we are in the line of service, we offer it here. Maximum one cake per order.

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