Sourcing Our Tea

Daniel goes to Xishuangbanna to make fresh puerh with his master in the ancient tea gardens of Yunnan regularly. He also make white tea in the forest tea gardens of Northen Thailand.  He also source aged Puerh, Lui Bao, Yancha, Fenghuan Dan Cong and antique teaware from auctions, friends and collectors in Malaysia. During the European summers he host a tearoom in Sweden.    

Tea, Yoga & Meditation

Before Daniel started Tea Tong in 2012 he lived in the caves of the Indian Himalayas as a yogi. He then  ran a Yoga & Meditation centre for a decade (in his native Sweden) before taught the meditative methodology of his Guru globally.  During his workshops and retreats, Daniel use tea ceremoniously to help the aspirants attain a higher state of consciousness and deep meditative states. To Learn more check out his other site below. 

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