“Tea Is Meditation”

Our Tea House

In Chiang Mai we have a tea house. Here we keep the tea that we have sourced from collectors in Malaysia and produced ourselves in the mountains of northern Thailand and Yunnan. To learn more and to make an appointment for a visit please click the link below. 

Our Tea Production

We go to Yunnan yearly and produce and procure gushu Puerh from ancient tea gardens. We also make Raw Pu-erh and White Tea from tea gardens in the mountains of Northen Thailand. If you are interesting in knowing more about artisanal tea production you can join us at our farm and factory in the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai. 

Tea, Yoga & Meditation

Before Daniel started Tea Tong he lived in the caves of the Indian Himalayas as a yogi with his Guru. Since then he has  and taught yoga and meditation all over the world for more than 20 years. At his tea house in Chiang Mai he share his unique experience of yoga, meditation and tea with aspirants from all over the world. To know more about his tradition of yoga and meditation  just click the tab below.


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