2018 TeaTong “Mang Shuang Gu Shu” Raw Pu-erh



Tea Factory: TeaTong
Tea Type: Raw Pu-erh
Harvest Area: Mang Shuang, Xishuangbanna
Harvest Year: 2018

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This leafs are from hundreds of years old trees in Mang Shuang in Xishuangbanna. The leafs where picked and processed by my friend and “tea-cher” and we pressed them together in Jing Hong in March 2019.

This is simply an incredible tea. Full body, strong chaqi, balanced taste and enchanting aroma. I tried 100ds of mao cha (sun-dried loose leaf pu-erh) before I choose this one. None of the other came close in comparison, not even Ban Peng or Lao Man Er.

Personally I think this tea should come with a warning: it is so good that chances are that the rest of your stock will seem pale and boring in comparison…



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