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2006 Langhe “Peacock Tribute” Ripe Pu-erh



Tea Factory: Langhe Tea Factory
Tea Type: Ripe Puerh
Harvest Area: Xishuangbanna
Harvest Year: 2006
Net Weight: 357 grams


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This tea was aged for a decade under optimal conditions in Malaysia and has developed a subtle, complex, sweet and mature taste and has a very strong and stimulating cha qi that is very relaxing, yet keeps the mind active and alert. The taste is rich and thick with a smooth minty sweetness with a mesmerising camphor aroma. The tea soup is dark, deep and clear.

This cake (bingcha) is composed entirely of Gong Ting (Tribute) grade ripe puer tea (the smallest and most potent leaf size). The leaf is lightly fermented using traditional “wo dui” technique. This light fermentation allows for gradual aging of the ripe puer and retain much of the character of a raw puer tea.

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