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2007 Yuan Nian “Qin Ying Hui” Raw Pu-erh



Tea Factory: Yuan Nian
Tea Type: Raw Pu-erh
Harvest Area: Yiwu & Xiang Ming
Harvest Year: 2007
Weight: 357grams

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This lovely tea has a very mellow and sweet, matured taste. It has a dry, clean and intensely mouth-watering aftertaste with floral notes and subtle traces of dried fruit, camphor and a hint of mushroom. Its over all a pleasant and easy to drink semi-aged raw puerh. It has a nice amber colour, even after 8-9 steeps. After 10 years of clean storage in Malaysia it is very enjoyable to drink as it is now.

There are both small tips and big leaves in this nice blend of Yiwu and Xiang Ming plantation leaves. It belongs to the “Qun Ying Hui” series which means “Gathering of Heroes”

Energetically speaking the Chi gives a gentle euphoric feeling of expansion in throat, chest and abdomen that make this tea a great preparation for meditation; leaving the drinker calm yet energised with a pleasant, warm “whole body feeling”.

This cake was manufactured by the Yuan Nian Tea Company and is the first cake in the “Gathering of Heroes” series, a series intended to be the top selection of the year from this company.

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