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2007 Bada Shan Raw Pu-erh



Tea factory: Unknown
Tea Type: Raw Pu-Erh
Harvest Area: Xishuangbanna
Harvest Year: 2007
Net Weight: 357g

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This tea came as a surprise to us; it has been aged beautifully in Malaysia and came at a very affordable price for the taste and experience of drinking it. Later it became clear that it had  more to do with the fact that the collector we bought it from was in desperate need of some cash, than that the leafs were of a lesser quality.

A couple of years further down the road this tea has continued to age beautifully, with a woody expression that is sure to become more earthy and grounded as the ageing process continues. For now it is a gentle and non-intrusive semi-aged sheng puerh that is very drinkable and enjoyable now.

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