Tea Garden

Just 10 minutes from our store in Chiang Mai we have a tea garden with a meditation hall and a yoga studio that is open for initiated members, visiting yogis and meditation aspirants. To become a member you just book an initiation and you will learn the ropes around the place and get a basic understanding of the ancient yogic techniques and meditations that we use during our ceremonies and meditations.

Membership & Initiation

To become a member, and gain access to the tea garden, our vast collection of aged high-end tea and our yoga and meditation programs you simply book a 2-3 hour initiation.

During the initiation we show you how to drink and brew tea meditatively and we will share the basics of the rare and ancient way of yogic meditation that Daniel learned in the Himalayan caves with his Guru.

The initiation is rewarding for anyone interested in tea, qi, (Prana/Kundalini) Yoga and Meditation. Anyone can join as Your experience (or lack thereof) will set the tone for the initiation and from there we dive as deep as you are capable.

The initiation cost 1500THB and you can book it below or send Daniel a message on WhatsApp or Line with +66 92 351 9433. You can also check out www.yogadaniel.com for more…





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Moonmuang Soi 9

House 50, Si Phum

50200 Chiang Mai



(+66) 92 351 9433
(Phone, WhatsApp or Line)