FARM & Factory

After discovering old tea trees in the mountains around Chiang Mai we acquired an abandoned tea garden that had almost merged completely with the jungle. We are taking great care to keep the unique biodiversity and nurture the area organically. We have constructed a tea factory in a nearby village nearby and here we produce White Tea and Raw Pu-erh.

Join Us!

If you are interested in learning more about small scale, handmade and organic tea production, we can arrange day trips from Chiang Mai. You will then see the tea trees, our factory and taste our the tea on site.

You are also welcome to join as a volunteer and get hands on experience of picking, pruning and making tea; depending on what time of the year you visit and what needs to be done here then.

If you enjoy the area and wish to spend more time here as there is cheap accommodation local thai food available in the village between the farm and the factory. The area sees very few tourists and it is a calm, beautiful and natural place; utterly perfect if you feel like escaping Chiang Mai for a few days. 





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