Teatong Production

Our Production

In 2016 I went to Xishuangbanna and began to make Gushu Pu-erh from old tea gardens. After a couple of years of practice I found old tea trees in the mountainous jungles in Northern Thailand where I live. 

However, the leafs from these trees had never picked to produce tea. Instead the locals use them to make a pickled kimchi-like-salad called Miyang that is chewed as a powerful digestive by the old people in the mountain villages. 

Due to cultural changes the market for Miyang has diminished greatly and many old gardens have grown wild and some have even merged completely with the jungle. In some places the old tea trees have been cut down to give way to other crops.

In an effort to save these old trees I leased the land from the villagers and educated them in the ways of Pu-erh tea production.

The fact that the trees were abandoned have allowed them to grow organically in great biodiversity. This allows for a very potent organic tea to be harvested and I have been experimenting with different processing methods to produce the best possible tea from these old trees.

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