2015 Seadyke “Shui Hsien”



Producer: Seadyke
Tea Type: Wuyi Rock Tea
Harvest Area: Fujian
Harvest Year: 2015
Net Weight: 500g
Tasting Notes: Coffee, Chocolate, Roast, Sand, Metal

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Seadyke´s Shui Hsien has quite a strong roast, with a coffee-chocolate-ish tone with notes of sand and metal. The robust flavor fills the mouth with a pleasant and lingering aftertaste its fragrance fills the room when it is brewed.

We recommend that you put the leafs in a Yixing teapot (high fired Zuni is ideal) that has been heated with boiling water; then you shake the pot with the dry leafs inside to give them a “mini-roast” before brewing. This will make the tea smoother will bring out the flavour and aroma fully.

Seadyke is a well known and time honoured brand that offers of Wuyi Rock Tea at a very affordable price. That is why we choose to offer this on our website. We have higher grade of Wuyi Rock tea in our stock, but the price is then much higher and we have found that not many of our customers are willing to pay the market price so we offer it in our teahouse or to customers that specifically ask for it.

We also have the Seadykes Shui Hsien from 2005 and from 1992. If you are interested the older versions of this tea, or higher grade Shui Hsien from other producers, you can send us a message for more info.

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