To prune the trees

After 2 weeks of clearing the jungle in the abandoned tea gardens we acquired we now move into the next phase – to prune the trees.

On the third pic you see three trees – the one in the middle is not pruned yet and there are so many small branches on top of each other that there is no light coming in to them to make new tips.


On the picture with me I am holding one of those trees to demonstrate the size.. They are about 2,5 meters tall and “pickable”.

On the last pic, with the pretty girl, you see how many other trees look. Really tall, about 4-5 meeter and impossible to pic. We are considering bending them, and pinning them to the ground so they can be picked, but this will give a much lower yield. If we cut them to a pickable height we would have to cut away almost all the leafs. What would you do?


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