After meditating and living as a monk in India for several years I ran a Yoga School in Sweden for a decade. In 2010 I began teaching globally and that is when I discovered Pu-erh Tea and how well it prepare the body and mind for meditation. Consequently I began collecting old Pu-erh and included it in my retreats and workshops.  When the students wanted to acquire some tea for themselves I created this website and thus Tea Tong was born…

Since 2011 I have been based in a my meditative retreat in Northern Thailand. During my regular visa runs to Kuala Lumpur I was lucky enough to encounter several great masters and knowledgeable collectors of tea.  

As I learned how tea from old trees have a very elevating effect that aid meditation I went to Xishuangbanna to learn more and thus I began to make Pu-erh from old tea gardens together with the farmers. 

In 2018 I found abandoned tea gardens in the jungles around Chiang Mai where I live and thats when I began to make Pu-erh and White tea here.

The intention behind this website is to share my passion for tea with friends, students and tea lovers seek a reliable source for tea and relataded paraphernalia.

I hope you enjoy the site and find your cup of tea. If not then feel free to contact me and I will try my best to assist you.  

















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